Woodworm Treatment

How Do I Know If i Have A Problem?

You only see the holes that the Furniture Beetle Larva make as they exit the wood. These are called ‘exit holes’. Problems are often only noticed once a Survey is done of the house.

Preparation Prior To Treatment

If lofts are infested then clear these out of insulation etc. The insecticide will be more effective on dust free surfaces. If floorboards, joists need treating then carpets, plasterboard and other coverings will need to be lifted.


We treat the infested accessible timber with an insecticide containing a special timber treatment formulation which contains a modern insecticide. This will not kill any woodworm living within the wood but kill any eggs laid on the treated surfaces. This formulation of insecticide will last many years but as it won’t kill any woodworm already within the wood, so it might take longer for the insects to leave the wood and have a contact with the chemical on the surface. Many timbers in a house are boxed off or inaccessible for treatment but the Furniture Beetles are more likely to lay eggs on easily accessed timbers but not exclusively. The treatment includes spray of the floor boards ( where possible ) and any wooden items that have signs of infestation. In the end of the treatment you will receive a pest control report.

The treatment involves 3 visits.

What Do I Do Afterwards?

After treatment do not let people or animals walk on treated surfaces until dry and if bare skin comes into contact whilst wet then wash. After spraying ventilate the area thoroughly and keep off treated surfaces until dry.


The treatment is guaranteed to prevent fresh infestations of the treated areas of the timber for up to ten years. New exit holes will appear for up to 6 years after treatment.


The cost to treat a 1-3 bedroom property will be:

    • £215.00 for treatment with 3 visits
    • £35.00 for every other bedroom

*All prices are subject to VAT, T&C may apply

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