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VP Smart

House / room to room movement

VPSmart.co.uk also offers in house / room to room movement.
To ensure safety of moving furniture, tvs, and other heavy stuff, you can count on us to do it safe and secure.

VP Smart

End of Tenancy Cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning is performed upon moving out from a property. We guarantee the quality.

VP Smart Pest Control

Cockroach, Wasp Control, Flies Control, Spider Control, Pigeon Control, Hornets Control ...

VP Smart

Removals Services

An experienced English company in the branch of removals and forwarding, and the leading company in London for local removals.


VP Smart

Furniture assembly Ikea and all kinds furniture

Furniture assembly Ikea and
all kinds furniture24 hours
7 days

VP Smart Gardening Service

You are a homeowner who
wants to keep their garden in
good condition?
We offer flexible appointment
times, convenient enough for any schedule.

VP Smart

Steam Carpet Cleaning

The Steam Carpet Cleaning includes the cleaning of

carpets sofas and curtains.



VP Smart

Packing Services

All packing materials can be provided in advance
i.e: Boxes, tape, paper,
bubble wrap,
wardobe boxes.


Not at the last place, prices.
Because we will not waste your time for nothing. Our professional team will make a plan before to start move or remove stuff.


Saving your money

We will try as much as we can to save your money, like we don't wasting time in working process. So you will pay the exact price for the exact working time.

Planned work

Together we will make a plan for moving your home or office or cleaning your house . You are the person that will start the plan and give us enough information, so we will know what to do and how to make it properly.


Ready to move?

If you are ready to move forward, go ahead and call or contact us via e-mail.