Gardening Services

You are a homeowner who wants to
keep their garden in good condition?

Our gardening service in London gives
you the support that you need.

We offer flexible appointment times
convenient enough for any schedule.



- Small garden (100 - 300 sq. ft) - min.2 hours

- Medium garden (300 - 650 sq.ft) - min 3 hours

- Large gardens (over 650 sq.ft to 1000 sq.ft) - min 4 hours

- Larger size gardens - the price is upon negotiation

* Price per hour -  £50

* The service is conducted by 2 professional gardeners

Price per rubbish bag – £3.00

Terms and Conditions

* All the prices are based per room
* Additional charges for congestion and parking (if necessary)
* We are responsible for providing the cleaning materials and the equipment.
* All prices are subject to VAT

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